Issues and Policies

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Support green energy job creation by funding start-ups and initiatives.

Expand consumer energy choices through such strategies as community choice energy programs.

Champion climate mitigation and coastal erosion minimization efforts.

Propose an amendment to Maryland constitution ensuring the right to clean air, water, and a pollution-free environment.

Reduce lead levels in school water and improve municipal water.

Establish funding for air quality studies.

Promote carbon offset credits.


Commission for Universal Healthcare.

Creating a reasonable cost medication co-pay cap. (ie. EpiPen's)

Medical debt relief to protect medical consumers from frivolous lawsuits.


Strengthen and expand funding for the Farmers and Family Act which provides free local produce to families experiencing food insecurity.

Invest in agricultural waste innovation.

Tax incentives to help small farmers become more sustainable and meet new environmental regulations.

Push for rural development grants.

Support efforts to ensure livable wages for agriculture workers.


Universal pre-school for all funded with gaming dollars and money from cannabis sales taxes.

Enlarge the promise scholarship programs that currently provide free public community college education to financially deserving students to include trade schools and four-year public universities.

Expand mental health and social services in schools.

Support trauma-informed training programs for teachers and school staff.

Expand the accessibility of free meals in schools.

Further investments in rural broadband expansion.

Increase the retention of school support staff with reasonable wages.


Address tax inequalities between small and large businesses that leave small businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Support cooperative and minority-owned businesses.

Fix Maryland's tax code with incremental taxation of businesses.

Ban large corporations from receiving subsidies for the annual Maryland State budget.

Economic investment in clean energy jobs and worker training.

Establish a no-fee public bank for State employees.


End substandard wages for tipped workers.

Expand collective bargaining in Maryland.

Ensure livable wages.

Civil Rights

Legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis to fund investments in communities and education.

Sponsor legislation to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability in schools receiving public funding.

Support restorative justice programs that emphasize mediation, repairing harm, rehabilitation, and reconciliation.

End the school to prison pipeline.

Investment into post-incarceration job training and mental healthcare.

End mass incarceration and refocus our criminal justice on rehabilitation.

Strengthen alternative methods to jail sentences for non-violent offenders.


Tax credit for seniors who age in their family home.

State support for senior services, including home maintenance, transportation and health services.

Stronger regulations on retirement communities to protect individuals.


Make all levels of government accessible to disabled Marylanders.

Increase medical and dental care access on the Lower Shore for the disabled.


Tenant's Bill of Rights to ensure rental equity, proper maintenance and service for tenants, and housing access for all.

Rent stabilization and construction of community housing units.